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In darkest corners of the tavern, in the back alley-ways of bandit-camps, and in the eternal void of the Outer Realms: a game is played,  Deadly and Intoxicating in nature. I am of course speaking of the most ancient of competitions: the game of... W I Z A R D  C H E C K E R S!!!!!!

Played by opposing wizards, the competitors must lead their armies of hats to martial supremacy against the other. Spells will be slung, great powers will rise to kingship, and empires shall crumble to dust beneath your feet.

 Have a seat... If you dare...


  • Design:
    • Elijah Abarbanel
  • Programming:
    • Tess Olson
    • Adán Benitez
  • Art:
    • Isaac Young


GameJameCheckersBuild1.zip 44 MB
CheckersWebBuild.zip 29 MB

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